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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Interesting News on Hybrid Diapers

We have many parents who us gDiapers contact us and ask if our Happy Heinys inserts will work with their sling style pants. The great news is Yes, our Med size hemp stuffin fits the sling of the med and large gDiaper cover just perfectly. The small fits the small.

We tend to look a gDiapers as a great bridge to full cloth diaper usage diaper but I was just doing some reading and saw a very interesting comment.

From Winnipeg Canada, this is from Bill Watters who is a senior project engineer that works for the CAO secretariate in Winnipeg : "A toilet system is meant for rapidly degradable human waste," said Bill Watters. "Other things don't belong in there. Diapers don't belong in there. They can cause a problem with your home plumbing, but they can also cause a problem with the city system."

Bill Watters says send any diaper you use to the landfill -- where they belong.

He said his department gets about 100 calls a month for backed up sewers, and added there are many items you should never flush down your toilet."

This is on the heels of threads available online regarding Drain Technicians seeing the dollar signs and thanking the manufacturers of the G-diaper for their new found income from unclogging drains as seen here.

In another report from the City of Vancouver here. "The city is not saying do not use the g-diapers but what it is saying is that for those who use gDiapers should not flush the inserts, they should instead throw the inserts into the trash because they are unsure of how the insert will react in the plumbing.

Please don't get this post wrong. As I said, I look at gDiapers as a bridge diaper to cloth diapers. It has the reusable cover and many moms will realize that washing an insert is just as easy as washing the cover without having to purchase extra disposable inserts. But for those with old plumbing, those living in shared buildings like apartments and condos, be for warned. But please try it and throw them away, especially if it is being used as a stepping stone.

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Ashley said...

I am going to try gDiapers and only use the biodegradable inserts for night because I use disposable at night and I dont like it. Im still debating though.

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