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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hook and Loop OR Snaps?

At Happy Heinys we have done our best to make every possible combination of diaper available to all parents. We are truly your one stop diaper shop. A little bit of everything. For the first 6 yrs of our company all of our pocket diapers were only available in a hook and loop version. We found that many parents preferred the ease of the hook and loop diapers. Especially when it came to those midnight changes, when you don't want to turn the light on for fear of waking everyone else up in the house.

Then you have our very wonderful husbands whom just by nature have larger hands and well if your husband is anything like my husband, the easier the better when it comes to changing the babies diapers. My husband is the best when it comes to helping to care for the kids but during the diapering years if I had thrown a diaper with snaps at him, well let's just say if it made it on the baby it would not be on correctly. I also know for a fact if his only choice was snaps, he would do everything possible to avoid changing diapers.

Soon after we started selling our hook and loop closure diapers we quickly became known as the "daddy friendly" diapers. Nice wide pocket for big hands and easy hook and loop to close the diaper. They could do it blind-folded. Moms praised the fact that now with their choice of using cloth their sweet sweet husbands no longer had an excuse not to change the diapers and often times some moms stated that they "saved" their happy heinys for their husbands.

Unfortunately as baby gets older, there can be a slight issue with the hook and loop closure on the diaper. You see sometimes it can be a little too easy for some babies to rrrrrriiiiiiiiippppppppppppp off and it makes this wonderful rrrrrrrriiiiiiiippppp sound and the funny thing is mom comes running in fear. Of course the same thing cane happen with disposable diapers, hence all of the adults today whose parents still lovingly speak of their brown colored wall art early in the morning. Well, it's the same thing. Not all babies go through what we call the stripping stage but the fact of the matter is some will. For these kids snaps will always be the best choice. Hence the debut of our snap closure diapers. You asked and we have provided.

It's quite ironic though, when it comes to deciding what type of closures you should buy for your baby. Even though the snaps can be a saving grace for some sneaky little ones they can also be a night-mare for a rambunctious toddler who would rather do anything than lay down for what seems like a life0time to get their diaper changed.

So what would be best for you? Well, it's a personal decision and it really does greatly depend on what type of diapers you are going to go with. If you are going to use sized diapers, this means that you will purchase at least 3 different sizes of cloth diapers during your babies diapering days. For the smallest size, make your life easy and go with the hook and loop. As your little one starts becoming their own person and starts learning new fun tricks, when you size up you may realize I better go with the snaps.

Today my baby is almost 8 yrs old, the original Happy Heiny. But if I had a little one my choice would be simple: I would use the mini one size from birth to 15 lbs. This is the only true diaper out there that will fit a 5 lb baby with those cute little chicken legs. Plus they will fit up to a true 15 lbs so they are not a huge waste of money like most XS diapers are. You would use these for at least 3 months if not closer to 6. Then I would switch to a combination of the snap and hook and loop closure diapers. I would have the snap for over-nights knowing that if my toddler had a little too much time in the morning they may decide to do some wall painting so I would want the protection. Yet I also rather enjoy having a helpful spouse so I would make it as easy as possible for him. To me it is the best of both worlds.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I found snaps easier for me. My son was born large so the hook and loops wouldnt stay on. Then he figured out how to take them off. That was so exciting for him to realize he could take it off and run free. So I invested in snaps. Best decision I ever made, except when I have to wrestle him down for diaper changes lol

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