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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ewwwwww Cloth Diapers REALLY??

I bet if I asked everyone who has purchased and used Happy Heinys if they ever received that comment 99% of them would say YES.

I would do anything to get it out to the public that todays cloth diapers are NOT the gross ucky kind that our parents/grandparents used on our bottoms.

Ugly, stained prefolds, big diaper pins, baby getting stuck several times over their diapering lifetime, bleach buckets, hand swishing in the toilet, hand wringing out in the toilet, more bleach in the washer, and hanging them up to dry only to have them stiff and hard. Let's not forget the hot and crinkly plastic pants. Nothing would ever fit over the cloth diaper butt.

When talking cloth diapers many parents still have that same visual. But in reality it is not that way. In fact, it could not be easier. Less fuss, less mess, less waste, less chemicals, less work.
The Happy Heiny pocket diapers are super easy to use. Let's talk about the One Size diapers. These will come to you with 1 diaper and 2 inserts. The diaper is kind of like a glorified diaper cover that is form fitting to your baby (read that as trim as compared to other cloth diapers). The diaper has a water proof layer that is not crinkly but is actually soft and then next to baby you have a stay dry layer. You simply take your insert and stick it right inside the pocket formed by the 2 layers just described.

Here is one of the cool parts, you can choose just how much absorbency that you want. This means if you are just sitting around the house and will be changing baby with each poop/pee then you just use 1 insert. But if you are going to the grocery store, picking up the older siblings, and then stopping off to pick up dinner you will want a little extra protection so now you will add 2 inserts. At night-time you are one of those blessed parents whose child actually sleeps through the night, add 1 more insert. No need to wake a baby just to change a diaper.

The thing with cloth diapers though vs. disposable diapers is cloth diapers are only as good as their absorbency. This means if you put only 1 insert in and the baby has wet the diaper. The insert is now very wet, if you do not change the diaper the diaper WILL leak. This goes for any brand or style of cloth diaper.

Disposable diapers have these chemicals called SAP's in them. Also known as Super Absorbent Polymers. You know the gel beads on your babies bottom when the diaper is sopping wet. That's them. These beads are able to absorb more and more liquid while continuing to grow. The problem with this is these SAP's are a member of a group of chemicals that can cause some pretty severe health issues. So even though these gel beads are great at absorbing a lot, is it worth the potential risk?

A baby who is under 3 months really should be changed 8-10 times a day. Not only when the diaper is super squishy, you know the squish test. If this is being done then I promise you will have no problem switching to cloth diapers. Just remember, instead of having built in gel beads, you have to add your absorbency. I have had moms tell me that they will use 5 or 6 inserts for their heavy wetting, nursing through the night, baby, who wakes up dry. Diaer inserts can be wrung out but baby is dry.

For me and my family a dry baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means mom is happy and when mom is happy everyone gets to be happy. Which is exactly what Happy Heinys will do for you and your family. Babies heiny will be happy, soft, and dry.

Stay tuned for the washing experience.

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